The following principles and policies are accountable for the success that DeanTRACEE has witnessed thus far:


In keeping with our aims and goals to satisfy our clients building desires, DeanTRACEE strives to provide services of the highest quality that are functional, realistic and practical. Thus DeanTRACEE can provide low – cost construction schemes at low maintenance cost and reliable without sacrificing technical efficiency and quality.
The company has therefore, established, documented, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2000 Standard.
All DeanTRACEE processes and support processes are planned to meet the requirements of this international standard. The Top management of DeanTRACEE has the basic responsibility over the Quality Management System and is committed to continually improve its effectiveness.


It is the policy of DeanTRACEE to conduct its activities without creating unacceptable health, safety and environmental risks.


To carry out this policy, the company will:
i.   Provide a work place that protects the health and safety of employees.
ii. Safeguard the health of its employees by the provision of appropriate medical care.
iii. Identify and control any health, safety and environmental hazards related to its activities in land.
iv. Comply with applicable environmental quality, occupational health and safety laws and regulations.
  Every employee is expected to adhere to this policy. The company believes that through the implementation of a sound management principle and system, all accidents, injuries and environmental incidents can be prevented or reduced to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable).


DeanTRACEE recognises its responsibility towards the following parties:

  • Its clients
  • Its employees and staff
  • Its suppliers and contractors and
  • The Nigerian people


We motivate and reward our staff and contractors so as to promote peak performance at all times. All staff and contractors know and understand the importance of their tasks and targets in the company’s overall strategy.

DeanTRACEE encourages workforce to take additional responsibility, thereby maximising their job satisfaction and their value to the company. The goal is to develop individuals who are capable of handling every task within and outside the shores of the company even without direct supervision.



We strive to improve our performance, to ensure long-term profitability and sustainability. To this end staff, consultants and contractors are encouraged to strive for continuous improvement in every area of the business.
DeanTRACEE will continue to improve on the existing Corporate Management System, Total Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Time Management System with a continuous loop of planning, implementation and improvement.
We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the construction/real estate industries and encourage our partners to do same.


DeanTRACEE seeks not only to serve the interest of its client, but also to maintain the trust and confidence that the client has reposed on us.